Pine Mushrooms

These little guys are Pine Mushrooms. The grow down our interior coast line right through to the state of Oregon. They also grow well in Korea. Pine mushrooms are loved by the people of Japan. In Japan these mushrooms are called Matsutake Mushrooms.

People in British Columbia go out into the woods every fall (September to November) an pick Pine Mushrooms. They sell them to buyers who then ship them to Japan. Some mushrooms can go for $1000 + per mushroom in Japan. The Pine Mushroom is to Japan what Truffles are to many cultures.

There are thousands of varieties of Mushrooms in the forest so it is important to only pick the ones you KNOW are not poisonous. If you are planning on going Pine Mushroom picking, it is important to go with someone who knows for sure what they are picking.

Many mushrooms look like Pine Mushrooms but are Poisonous. Pine Mushrooms have a very distinct smell. This is one way to identify that you indeed have picked a Pine Mushroom. Other characteristics are their colour & their shape.


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  1. Steven said,

    October 15, 2008 at 9:13 am

    Hey Tanya, i love your blog. when do we get free mushrooms?

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